Our Documentaries

The DNA of our documentaries is to put light on people we co,sider as « heroes », « philanthropists », « vulnerable and brave » because one doesn’t go without the other and gives the motivation to  transform et de preserve environnement and life.


Film for the  Institut of Cancerology of Seine et Marne produced by Magicalroot Production.

Histoires de résiliences

Film for the Rafaël institut and Ozalys. 5 women with different cancers express their feelings about their disease. 

Rodin et moi

Documentary in the Red Cross Hospital where Jane Schinasi films and follows Caroline Desnoëtte, an artist who practice art therapy with cancer children patients. Produced by Magicalroot Production.


Documentary around the reconnection between  humans and nature produced by Magicalroot Production and the association Hug Back.
5 children discover the most beautiful forests in  France, meeting scientists, ethologues, artists Land-Art artists, Street-Art and digital artists, so as spiritual masters in the Surui amazonian tribe. Through their journey, each child learn how to   reconnect with nature, himself and the others.

The Hope Bearers

Author, filmmaker and presenter of a humanitarian documentary series, filming  philanthropists, activists, experts who improve the life condition and help communities in a difficult situation though environment solutions. Produced by MC4, Magicalroot Production and the Association Hug Back. Broadcast on Ushuaia and TV5 world and planète +.


Documentary : In a community of fishermen in Bali,  parents work while their children dream of a better future thanks to the association  Yayasan. Produced par Jane Schinasi.


In India, Bénares, a magical place where kings came to die in order to never reincarnate, Jane, Lea, Thomas and Sylvain meet Celine, a nurse that changed her life to be a volunteer and help people.