Health, Environment & Ecology

Together, let’s act to preserve life!

Our Team

Portrait Jane

Writer, director and actress, I like to make people want to preserve and become aware of the tremendous reserve of energy, goodwill and innovation that exists to stay connected with the environment and life.

Jane Schinasi

Portrait Jacqueline

From guitar teacher to English teacher and mother, I like to transmit and restore positivity to children. After having rubbed shoulders with and lived with children with cancer, I decided to bring life to hospitals to strengthen the minds of young patients.

Jacqueline Schinasi

Portrait Arnaud

Sponsorship and CSR Manager for Extia. Arnaud has been involved with Hug back since the beginning!

Arnaud Laurent

Portrait Vincent

Passionate about graphic arts and movement, I like to work on inspiring projects.

Vincent Dehaumont
Art Director

Portrait Sarah

Passionate about user experience and ergonomics, my goal is to design an optimal user experience to achieve user satisfaction.

Sarah Zahi
UX/UI Designer