Health, Environment & Ecology

Together, let’s act to preserve life!

Who Are We?

The HUG BACK association was founded by Jacqueline and Jane Schinasi in 2015.
Its objective is to raise awareness of the environment and help sick children to recover through the production of committed films and well-being activities.
We focus our work on making films committed to ecology and health.
We have already produced a dozen documentaries through the series “the carriers of Hope” on the humanitarian fabric broadcast on UshuaĂŻa, TV5 monde, Planète +.
In addition to films that give a voice to those we cannot hear, we go to hospitals to have children with cancer box and meditate to reboost their minds towards the positive and healing.
We also visit schools and environmental events to educate the general public about life in trees.

Our Values

6 essential values drive us and guide us in our actions.


We help children and young people who find themselves in a difficult situation to put their pain into words.


We encourage engagement through an educational program based on games and group spirit.


We help people to become aware of their role in preserving the health and the environment.


We favorise transparency in our actions and decisions.


In schools and hospitals, Hug Back helps young people reconnect with nature through art and sport.


We are committed to promoting equal opportunity and fairness.