Chloe Lévesque

Everyday food for Mumbai children

In 2021, when Raveena Taurani opened Yogisattva café in Bandra, she laid out children-friendly cutlery and even created a special menu. “But children want to eat what the adults are eating, and don’t want to feel left out, trying the various things laid out on the table. They want to try what everyone is trying. So, I marked out dishes that are kid favourites. Children these days want to be treated as adults. So, I marked out dishes that do well,” says Taurani.

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Ada Ajimobi

Lori now study with her friends

Lori shares her personal journey of discovering a digital workflow for making dentures and how she has gone from dreading dentures to making it the most satisfying and profitable part of her practice by delivering the strongest, most esthetic and accurate dentures she has ever made.

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